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Silent side of spotlights

is about the other side of a story, when the camera moves from light to shade.


As a still photographer I spend my time on movie sets where I am called to build and magnify the brightness of artists .


As a shooting is most of all about waiting, technicians and extras look at the scenes in a silent shade.

They are a movie's "out of frame".


All photographs of this new series came from a movement of the camera that creates new spaces.

Silent side of spotlights is not a documentary about workers of the movie industry.

It tackles another point of view on the fringe between fiction and reality by transforming members of the staff into real characters. Each one carries its own world that appears out of the dark as a  fragile and powerfull star.

Hidden people become the low brightness of a twilight backstage.


Displaced, this change of viewpoint supposes other balances:

From shining icon to glimmer souls in the shade,

From contrasted highlights to subtles darks and blacks,

From shout and cries to rustles and immobility,

From digital scenes to chiaroscuro painting.


With these shiftings, an unusual upside down landscape of movie sets appears.

The "Out of frame " becomes the subject and the usual subject becomes "off camera".

So that the heroes of these photographs are now looking towards an "off camera"

filled with Juliette Binoche, Emir Kusturica, Abbas Kiarostami, Ron Perlman, Jeanne Moreau ...

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