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In 2010, we organised with Güldem Durmaz the project Esmeray x 3 around the character of Esmeray, a famous transexual (and now friend) of Istanbul. I made a film from still images : YALNIZ (Alone). The subject is not gender or sexuality but more solitude, the one of Esmeray (who told me that nobody wants a transexual : it is not for straight and not for gays...), and mine alone in this huge city wandering from sounds to voices and shadows. Photographs shot from 35mm b&w negative and sounds recorded through the city were scanned and mixed by myself. First screening as a installation was in Maison de la Bellone, Brussels, during Trouble Festival 2010. In November 2014, composer Stéphane Orlando made an new orchestration for the movie now titled Seuls.

Laurent Thurin-Nal


Video HD 17min


-- please play it loud and good or use headphone ! --






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